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Famous for its brilliantly intricate structure, Dwarka, located in Gujarat, also known as Dwarkapuri, is one of the seven pious cities of India. A mythological belief says that during the reigns of lord Krishna, the temple of Dwarka was glazed with gold all over it. The town is believed to be submerged into the water along with his death. The temple is an old limestone load bearing structure which still stands undaunted on 72 pillars raised up to 5 storeys. The flamboyant ornamentation of the temple would put its pilgrims into a deep sense of astonishment. The temple has two main entrances. The north entrance is believed to be the doorways to salvation and hence is called “moksha dwara”, while the entrance to south is believed to be the gateway towards the heaven and hence is called “swarga dwara”. The flag hoisted atop the temple is the resemblance of the Sun and the Moon. The char dhaam yatra of the pilgrims cannot be fruitful without visiting the temple of Dwarka.

Janmashtami is the soul festival celebrated here at Dwarka along with Holi. ‘Chappan Bhog’ are offered to the lord and later are distributed amongst the pilgrims as sacrament during such special occasions. If visited with faithful heart and devotional approach, one can actually feel the presence of the almighty at Dwarka. One can en route oneself to Dwarka effortlessly either by the public or private means of transportation. The Dwarka Hotels has lodge system still prevailing to warmly welcome the devotees which is mostly prefered by the visitors. Apart from budget hotels in Dwarka, one can always enjoy the regal hospitality by the 4 star and 5 star hotels out there. The ratio of visitors coming from every corner of the world has started increasing with the development in Dwarka Tourism.

The scenic bird’s eye view from the Dwarka light house , Gomati sangam ghat- which can be reached after climbing down 56 steps through the ‘swarga dwara’ of Dwarka temple, has more than 12 ghats. Nageshwara jyotirlinga temple- situated out of the periphery of Dwarka, is one of the 12 Jyotirlinga, where the Nageshwara diety is worshipped as the symbol of poisons. The spotlight of this pilgrimage is the grandeur statue of lord Nageshwara. Rukmaneedevi mandir- built in the memory of Rukmanee devi, lord Krishna’s favourite wife amongst all he married, still has beautiful wall paintings depicting her incidents with lord Krishna. Beyt Dwarka- which is an island 30 Kms distant from Dwarka, can be only sailed and reached. It was once the residence of lord Krishna and his family. Vallabhacharya built the main temple here, along with sub-temples. Beyt Dwarka also has commercial streets to attract visitors. The island is a beach cum picnic spot. These are all the places one should not skip being at dwarka.

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